Capture the story of your life.

Join our curated small group workshop to reflect on 2020 and write your very own Personal Annual Review & start planning for 2021.

The inaugural online workshop starts Saturday, Dec. 12th - Sunday, Dec 13th, with pre-work a week before.

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    Juvoni Beckford

    Writer, Artist, Engineer


    Who am I?

    Juvoni is a community builder, facilitator, writer & builder with over 6 years of experience in guiding live group events on personal development. The pandemic has put a pause on meeting in person, so this is a special online event, and this year there is a lot more to unpack.

    He has written & published his Personal Annual Reviews from 2013-2019 averaging between 1-4,000 words, and taught others how to do the same.

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    What will you learn?

    1. How to look back on your year and gather lessons from the multiple areas of your life in a meaningful & useable way.
    2. How to have open conversations about your emotions.
    3. How to plan better habits for the new year.
    4. How to integrate tools to make it easier to analyze and process the events, obstacles, and milestones in your life.
    5. How to write an essay about your year in the form of a Personal Annual review, that you can keep to yourself, or share with friends & family.